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Things to remember when creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Here's are some simple bullet points to remember when creating your digital marketing strategy. How To Make A Killer Digital Marketing Strategy | Men's Gear A marketing strategy should always be up for occasional revision, given the landscape is dynamic, which is why strategies need to change and adapt

How to measure the success of your content marketing campaign

 Great article on which KPI's to measure for success. Important KPIs for Content Marketing -
What You'll Learn How to adjust with your social strategy and tactics in the coming months.​Practical tips for running social ads and dealing with hostile customers.​New ways to prove value to leadership during these challenging economic times.​ Brand Building and Social Communication in a Time of Crisis Enhance your social media management with Ho...
Here are 7 tips for post Covid-19. Crucial digital marketing tips for a post-pandemic business environment : News | The CEO Magazine
 Some practical information on photo usage on your website.   5 tips to use photography to enhance your website’s user experience | AZ Big Media AZ Big Media 5 tips to use photography to enhance your website’s user experience | AZ Big Media
​Great article to help you understand marketing and sales funnels. How a Marketing and Sales Funnel Works to Attract and Convert More Customers - Business 2 Community
A new video series about how to maximize your digital marketing. Google is Launching a New Video Series to Help Businesses Maximize Their Digital Marketing Opportunities | Social Media Today Social Media Today
 Here's a great article on starting your digital marketing. 1 Is Now a Good Time to Start Digital Marketing? | National Association of Plan Advisors If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it. Let’s trade social distancing for social media. Flatten the curve of employee education meetings to on-demand financial training. Use professional in...
Anthony is a great resource for anyone wanting to create content for Websites or Social Media, and he also did a glowing article about Axis, much appreciated! Axis Studios Offers Inbound Marketing Help During Quarantine Bill Isenberger of Axis Studios can help improve your site’s inbound marketing efforts through CRM integration and SEO tune-ups ri...
​Covid-19 is going to change how we do business here in Seattle and everywhere. We need to understand how we can continue our daily work productivity and communications if and when social distancing is long term. Fortunately, with technology, we can do this and still stay engaged with our clients/customers and stay productive. Its time to consider ...
More back story on legal reasons why getting WCAG compliant is a good idea.   You & the Law: Website Accessibility 101 - Tire Review Magazine If you’re not sure if your website is accessible to disabled persons, then now is the time to figure that out.
Here's a great guide to help understand what Web Accessibility is from Monsido.  Monsido is a service that scans your website for "Web Governance" Quality Assurance (Spelling), Web Accessibility (WCAG Compliance), SEO a really great    What Is Web Accessibility? Looking to make your site more accessible? Here is a quick guide on how ...